Basic Foundation of Information Technology introduces you to interesting world of Information and Communication Technology. Since we are now in a ubiquitous world of computers. It covers necessary topics required under the Information Technology Education (ITE) Programs.

UNIT 1 - Deals with various computer careers that are of interest to the students who want to pursue a computer based career. It enumerates and differentiates the different paths where IT professionals can go into. The most important part is the presentation of the Codes of Ethics for the Filipino IT professionals which each and every Filipino IT professional needs to adhere to.
UNIT 2 - Deals with Hardware. It enumerates and discusses in details the different hardware components of a computer system. It explains the function of each hardware part such as the Memory, Processor, the Input/Output and how they are all interconnected to function as one system.

               It presents the various number systems, the operation done using this through discussion on the different ways of representing alphabetic, numeric and other data types are presented.

UNIT 3 - Deals with Software. The software part covers the types of software, its capabilities, the classes of ownership, the identification of the different programming languages used today and how softwares are created.

               The concept of multimedia is also presented focusing on the multimedia devices and applications.

UNIT 4 - Deals with the current trends and issues affecting ICT. An overview of Dough McGowan's paper is presented which focuses on technologies that impact how people communicate, work and learn. Issues in today's technology which are interactive to cellular phones, personal computer,networks, wireless networks,interactive television, and PDA's. Predictions for ICT development within the next five to ten years are also covered. In addition, the 7C's of ICT development framework is presented.

UNIT 5 - Provides a thorough discussion of Artificial Intelligence which include AI technologies, branches of AI and the various  applications of AI.

UNIT 6 - Discusses Management Information System. It begins with an overview of information system, the introduction of the management information system framework and the management pyramid, the classic management functions as well as the different MIS applications.

UNIT 7 - Provides an introduction to Data Communication and Networking. It includes the following topics like network topologies, LAN , WAN, Internet, Intranet. online services such as electronic mail and the hardware needed in network environment.

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